Pre-Summit / !Haollaes:
16 – 19 December 2024

The Pre- Summit will be held from 16 – 19 December 2024 in Cape Town. This meeting will be attended by 2-3 representatives of each Organization, House, or Formation, that officially responded to our invitation and confirmed the details of their representatives in writing. We made provision for approximately 250 delegates to attend. The primary purpose of this gathering will be the following, ie.

  • Formally constitute the Secretariat which will allow for at least one member from each Organization, House, Stakeholder group, or Formation
  • Formally constitute the Work Groups that must under the auspices of the Secretariat formulate policy, proposals, action plans, and Governance Structure, Constitutional Framework for approval and adoption or ratification by the Secretariat and Summit
  • The Work Groups will not start from scratch but rather build on the Record of Deliberations of the National Consultative Conferences of Bloemfontein, Kimberley, Melkbos, and complemented by the work currently being carried out by our Work Streams
  • Signing of Declaration of Intent by all the participating parties
  • Accreditation of all the work carried out by Interim Planning Committee including the UNDESA Process
  • Identification and appointment of facilitators, experts, and service providers for the Summit.
  • Finalize Scope, Content, Programme, Budget, and any other outstanding details of Summit.
  • Identification of Urgent Interventions that can be initiated immediately, prior to the Summit under the auspices of the Secretariat as Interim Leadership Structure
  • Nomination and Election of Executive Committee, and Five Member Politburo.
  • Finalization of details around Administrative Centres and Full Time Staf4