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Who We Are - Our Story

Our Story is probably the Most Remarkable, most Unique, and most Fascinating in the World, but Sadly also the Most Tragic, most Painful, and most Inhumane story that is yet to be told.

It is the story of the Most Ancient, First, Aboriginal People who lived and cared for one of the most beautiful places on earth, without any want. Recent DNA research shows that, for tens of thousands of years our ancestors were the largest human population on the planet. It is also a remarkable story about the resilience displayed by the descendants to endure, after four centuries of extreme hardship and suffering.

Their spirit remains steadfast, and irrepressible throughout their yearning for deliverance, now burns stronger than ever. Sadly, it is a story unknown to most, and begs to be chronicled, and broadcasted to the world at large. Albert Einstein aptly stated that “If the majority knew of the root of this evil, then the road to its cure would not be long “. Our story must however be told with the requisite authenticity, decorum, dignity, respect, reverence and gravitas required, as it has the capacity to redefine our understanding of humanity and indeed the world as we know it.


We lost almost everything through the imposition of colonisation 371 years ago. This loss includes our land and all its resources, without which we could not continue our traditions, and way of life that existed for thousands of years. Our ancestors lived in harmony with nature as the Supreme Being or Great Spirit – Tsui-//goab – which intended co-existence, for more than 180 thousand years, yet it had been ruptured, destroyed with greed, self-interest, without any respect, reverence or appreciation of our uniqueness. The harmful devastation and irreparable damage to our once pristine environment, culture, and wealth is now evident, and manifests in the inequality and marginalization of our people in the present.

Having been relegated to second-class status in their own country, they had to adjust to a brutal lifestyle that went against their values for respect and compassion; a reality that went against everything they believed in.

Those who sought to erase our true history from memory were the oppressors of our ancestors. Furthermore, they enacted racial laws to enforce a new identity upon us. Divisive strategies like those were designed to alienate us from our ancestral history, identities, and lineages. Unlike elephants and lions, which are distinct species, we had to accept the ‘Zebra-identity’; we were neither white nor black. After 1948, some of us ‘gradually embraced and accepted’ the new imposed identity, and prefer to be referred to as such, evident to this day of the oppressor’s brutal success in destroying our identity.

Apartheid & Mzansi

Apartheid entrenched our oppression and alienation from our heritage, culture, lands and resources, further exacerbating the distortion of our history, the economic hardship and socio-economic suffering of our people. The New Democratic dispensation ushered in during 1994 created hope amongst us that at last we shall be delivered. Twenty-Nine years later we are still under siege socially, economically and politically. 

Having fought alongside our “Black African” Brothers and Sisters for our common freedom – some of them now spectacularly betrayed us for the past 29 years – continuing the discriminatory practices and derogatory racist “Coloured” term and other bastard classifications our Oppressors foisted upon us. Denying in the process our true heritage probably with the sole aim of fraudulently laying claim to it themselves. One is left aghast with what is unfolding in front of our eyes, being discriminated against and marginalized by our former comrades that suffered the same Apartheid with us. They have the sheer audacity to violate us again.

On the other hand, our Brothers and Sisters who control the economy, who never collectively apologized for the atrocities of their forefathers, continue to enjoy the fruits of our land and other resources they forced away from us, while they still abuse it in the present, to further enslave us and satisfy their greed.


A quotation attributed to George Orwell (although disputed) states that “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history “.

 Our painful colonial past is a perfect case study of such a violent and destructive process. Your culture (One’s culture) and history are considered to be the “glue “that holds a people or society together. No wonder that many of our people are adrift in the present without positive and meaningful reference points, deprived of our unique heritage, our lands, and traditions from our past, that can give them a sense of purpose, meaning (and a sense of belonging).