More Content will be uploaded soon about our many other Heroes and Stalwarts like Dr Leonard Martin , Oom Okkie Lewies , Oom Karel King and many others . If you have any content about any of our Heroes & Stalwarts you want to share please forward to communications@summit1652.com . 

The Don Mattera Legacy Foundation

Dr. Don Mattera is an acclaimed poet, author, journalist, storyteller, liberation struggle stalwart and community activist who was never acknowledged for the contribution he has made to arts, literature and his community activism. We have established The Don Mattera Foundation to honor and preserve his literary work and his legacy for future generations to appreciate his contribution to the liberation of our country. We want to launch the Foundation and honor Dr. Mattera on the 1st of February 2020  with a Community Celebration in the communities he hails from in Eldorado Park at the Don Mateman Hall and later we want to host a Community sporting event for the general public. Our conservative estimation at this stage for the entire Community Celebration event is R600 000. We want to call on community members and the broader public in South Africa to support this initiative to honor one of our foremost heroes of the liberation for a democratic South Africa. 

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