We seem as a nation to be in a state of various lockdowns . Not by Covid ( yes that as well ) , but as a result of some leaders who take intransigent positions on certain matters . A belief that their understanding of reality around a particular topic or issue is the only possible view or interpretation possible . This results in us being paralysed or held hostage as a nation . They do what our enemies or opposition want for free, keeping us divided and weak, unable to advance our collective interests, because as it appears, they also have become our oppressors. It leaves us unable to implement UNDRIP and unable to commence with our long delayed and outstanding process of Restoration and Compensation. Any initiative that originates in another “ camp ‘ is not supported, which results in everything with potential or substance, becoming another area of conflict hanging in limbo. Everyone is either deliberately oblivious or ignorant of the momentous cost to us as a collective and individually. This while our communities are drowning in poverty, marginalization, unemployment, crime, drugs, and alcohol addiction. The list is endless.

We also have a number of Organizations, Groups, Houses, and Formations that represent our people, but none with a significant popular national mandate, support or footprint. The lack of strong decisive leadership, unity, coordination and cooperation amongst these various parties resulted in a Policy and Legislative Framework that not only deny our status as the Aboriginal First Nation of South Africa, but rather entrench our division, politicize our identity, culture and co-option into the political system.

We also notice with concern the emergence of multitudes of people popping up at an alarming rate claiming false titles like “Kings, Queens, Prince’s, Princesses, etc. ostensibly with no other interest but themselves. They only do damage to our reputation, identity, history, heritage and soil the heroic efforts of many stalwarts, with some of our leading lights who unfortunately already passed on.

The status quo is therefore perplexing for many who are part of various initiatives that try to bring about Unity or Self Determination, but even more confusing for other Stakeholders, and our people on the periphery. It also created an ominous situation where it is very difficult, if not impossible for the parties that have distinguished themselves with integrity over the years and decades to lead effectively. This resulted in an impasse where no one can claim a mandate to act, with no rules and no referee. No holistic or integrated coordination of activities or any collective strategic intent, just utter chaos.

The current situation accordingly leaves us divided, fragmented, and in a cul-de-sac. At the same time the marginalization, discrimination, social and economic isolation of our People in South Africa continue unabated. 

The only way out of this foul stalemate situation is the process or initiative proposed by UNDRIP Summit 1652 .