The proposed interim leading Governance Structure, that will oversee the planning of The Summit and agree on the content and scope thereof could not be established immediately, as we realized that not everyone can at the moment fully participate in the proceedings online, nor in person workshops without being assisted financially to do so.

The formation of the Wisdom Council (also referred to as Secretariat) itself also requires that we ensure all parties are aware of the process, and invited to form part of the initiative. An interim. Planning Committee have accordingly been formed to ensure that we;

The Interim Planning Committee (IPC) currently oversees all matters related to the initiative, until such time that the Wisdom Council will be incorporated on 16 December 2023, at which event the IPC will come to an end.

In order to ensure that each aspect of the process receives the requisite attention, but also to streamline and manage the planning process of various Work Streams, or Sub Committees that have been, or are in the process of being created, ie .

These Workstreams are the precursors to Working Groups that will be formally constituted in December under the auspices of the proposed Wisdom Council. On the one hand it clusters Leaders and People together that have an interest, expertise, education or special expertise re a particular subject . On the other hand, it creates the space for Leaders to orientate and dialogue around areas of mutual concern or conflict, with the aim of developing common ground or consensus. In this process we also identify, and collate all relevant data around the particular focus areas. Where necessary, we host workshops to develop understanding, common positions, strategy, and policy around particular topics or concerns.

In the event that your House, Organization, Formation, Clan, or Stakeholder is not already part of the process, and would like to join, please forward full details of representatives to

If you or any individual you are aware of would like to participate in any of the existing committees, and/or have any skills, expertise, and talents that can add value to the process, please also forward a brief copy of profile or CV to