In order to properly capacitate and fund the process leading up to the Summit itself, and Post-Summit, we initiated various Funding Proposals.

Three are in the process of being drafted, two locally in South Africa, one that will focus on the most immediate and urgent priorities , the other on our more comprehensive and long term objectives . A third one is being drafted that will focus exclusively on international sources of funding that will focus especially on laying the foundation Post the Summit in April 2024, putting in place a proper Governance Structure or Mechanism , Entrenching our Sovereignty and Self-Determination . A Fourth one is in the planning stages which will focus on the empowerment of our nation as a whole which will be an ongoing process.

A Non Profit Company ( NPC ) , UNDRIP Summit 1652, Registration Number 2021 / 930670 / 07, has been incorporated with Directors of High Repute and Integrity that will ensure accountability, transparency and corporate governance. Besides the Directors, a number of prominent people have been identified and approached to act as Patrons and Ambassadors, to not only add gravitas and inclusivity to the process, but also assist us to reach out to identified groups locally and internationally for funding.

The NPC has been registered with the Department of Social Development as a Non-Profit Organization under registration number 277-519 NPO.

Undrip Summit 1652 has also been registered as a Public Benefit Organization, in terms of Section 18A, of the SA Income Tax Act, under SARS PBO, reference No. 930077731, which means all donations made to it, are fully deductible, through your annual income tax submission.

Any donations to support the UNDRIP Summit 1652 Process and to Ensure that the Process become fully inclusive from both a geographic and cultural point of view can be deposited or funds transferred into the following account , ie

Screenshot 2021-10-23 at 21.29.02
Bank Details
Bank: Standard Bank
Account Number: 101 599 37270
Branch Code: 000205
Branch Code (EFT): 051001


Many other NPC’s will carry on the Legacies and Life Work of many that have dedicated their lives for our cause and the improvement of our People.